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Lab Tour

The petroleum laboratory at AES is one of the finest private sector analytical centers for petroleum-based products and fossil fuels, in the country. The laboratory produces high-quality analytical results in all aspects of petroleum testing and is equipped to carry out highly sophisticated tests. It has a very distinguished clientele from all parts of the county.

Highly trained and qualified personnel constitute the petroleum division which includes mechanical engineers, chemists, and technicians. The main objective of the petroleum laboratory is to analyze your samples and let you know the exact condition of your product. This is made possible with our specialized software which generates a thorough report on the condition of the oil and how it will affect machinery in which it is used. AES has also developed special software to interpret results of insulating oils in transformer and oils in internal combustion engines.

This technical interpretation is a very crucial aspect of our analysis and on insulating oils it has helped save many Transformers from failing in the past, saving crores of rupees. The fault diagnosis software utilized by the laboratory is in line with the fault criterion used by various international agencies like Institute of Electrical & Electronics Engineers (IEEE, USA). The laboratory is also equipped to carry out several microbiological tests on oils used in machinery. In other words, we do not just give you analytical results, but we provide you with a complete solution to your problems.