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The Environment Laboratory is engaged in providing analtical services in the field of pollution and environment testing.  Our services include the folowing:


Pollution and Environment

  • Effluents/Waste water
  • Sewage

Atmospheric Pollution

  • Ambient air
  • Ambient Noise Levels (Excluding vibration)
  • Fugitive emission
  • Meteorological Parameter


  • Construction Water
  • Drinking Water
  • Ground Water
  • Industrial Water
  • Irrigation water


  • Analysis for preparation of Inventroy of Hazarsous Materials as per EU SRR/HKC/MEPC guidelines
  • Balast water analysis as per D1 and D2 standards

  • Soil and sediments
  • Solid waste

  • Process/Vent Emissions
  • Source Noise Levels
  • Stack emission
  • Work Environment and Indoor Air Quality

  • Packaged Drinking water
  • Surface Water
  • Swimming Pool Water
  • Water for haemodialysis
  • Ballast Water

  • Complete environmental analysis as per Basal Convention guidelines for dismantling of ships