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Since 1982, AES Laboratories Pvt. Ltd.is the world’s leading testing & inspection firm. We are the only one who provides best analytical services in the field of Environment, Petroleum, Materials, Food, Microbiology, and Chemicals, to National and International Customers.

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A Few Of Our Many Great Services

Organic Food Testing

We help you to identify if your organic farming techniques are effective and if you are going the right way.Organic producers aim to maintain soil nutrient status, soil physical quality and manage the soil environment to achieve efficient utilization of soil nutrients. We provides analytical services to the organic food industry, testing for prohibited substances, including pesticides, contaminant metals and antibiotic residues.
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Shelf Life Testing

We provides accelerated shelf life studies during which the food product is conditioned and stored at elevated temperature and/or humidity and the quality changes of the product are evaluated at a specific sampling rate.  The accelerated shelf life testing can significantly shorten the duration of shelf life study to ½ or ¼ of the standard shelf life study. We use the latest shelf life testing methods and technology, and are accredited to the international standard for quality management (ISO 17025).
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Nutritional Testing

We are total resource for a reliable and accurate nutritional testing & labeling program.  Our nutritional component determinations are quick, precise and cost effective. AES Labs uses the latest published BIS and AOAC methods and is very well equipped for complete analysis of all parameters required for an effective and complete nutritional testing & labeling program.
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AES Laboratories (P) Ltd, started as a Small Laboratory, in the name of Associated Engineering Services, with a capacity to test limited parameters for Lubricating Oils, in 1982. It was one of the first laboratories in India to provide such…


AES believes that all human activity is for welfare of mankind. Every enterprises has a role to play in performance of its social objectives. AES as part of its social responsibilities, started a scheme of providing drinking water testing.


The vision of the company is represented by its management. The laboratory is managed by highly qualified professionals, engineers, scientists and experts in their own fields, who are governed by dedicated modern techniques…